The Southern Bounty Series family as well as other families have suffered the loss of Izaak Ramos. Izaak, age 14, passed away on December 5, 2021. Izaak was the son of Tony Ramos (Crystal Ramos) CEO and founder of Southern Bounty series and the son of Consequela Bennett (Brent Bennett). Izaak was the brother of Mekayla Ramos, Eli Ramos, Bella Fidazzo, Morgan Bennett, and Ashley Bennett. Anyone who knew Izaak knows that he loved to be the center of attention. He loved when everyone would cheer him on or even doubt his capabilities. He was a star plain and simple.

Izaak enjoyed mud racing with a passion. No matter how many times he was told, “Izaak don’t get muddy,” it would go in one ear and out the other. The day we bought the can am, Izaak immediately fell in love. He took the need for speed to a totally different level. Izaak always held the petal to the floor no matter what. Izaak was and still is a crowd favorite. He wasn’t afraid of getting covered in mud from head to toe. Izaak was a huge competitor. He let his love for mudding motivate him in getting his school work done and chores. He enjoyed running along side his little brother, Eli Ramos, while he was competing. Izaak hated wearing shoes and he could never understand when he was dirty. He was nicknamed “DIRT” by his friends because of his “Joe Dirt mullet” and always being dirty. During the 2021 season, Izaak said he was going to beat Byron Starratt and get first in the small tire class at Iron mountain atv park and of course he did. The crowd went wild.
Aside from mud racing, Izaak loved being in the saddle. He has been known as a cowboy every since he was little. He spent his time in the mud with our dad, Tony, and spent his time in the saddle with our mom, Consequela. He was my moms little cowboy. His horses’ name was Jenny and she was his bestfriend. Jenny would let Izaak do anything and everything he wanted to do. He had her well over half his life. Anytime I rode with Izaak he was either right by my side or running back and forth from the front of the line to the back. He was always on the go. I loved always having him to talk to during the wagon trains. The month he passed, he went on a wagon train with Mama, Brent, and Eli. He took a video of these two miniature ponies hooked up to a wagon and said, “Hanging with my bros.” He enjoyed seeing the different kind of horses or mules hooked up to the wagons. When he was little he hooked up our two dogs, Copper and Coop, to his toy wagon because he saw Brent do it probably 100 times. Izaak always payed attention to the stuff that he found exciting. Both riding communities, horses and side by sides, miss you deeply.

My deepest condolences go to my brothers family, friends, and fellow competitors. I wish that this pain could be eased, but unfortunately it can’t. Our hearts weren’t ready to see him go so soon. The love that each and every person has for Izaak cannot be put into words. We ask that y’all try and find comfort in knowing Izaak never lived his life with regrets. Izaak was a beautiful soul. Racing will never be the same without you. May you rest in peace buddy. Give heaven some hell! Your mud family loves and misses you tremendously. I love you brother!