2023 SBS Contingency Program

PATV Lift-Kits

Championship Contingency Program Prizes for Eligible 2023 Championship Class Winners

Arched Forward A-Arms – $250
Arched Forward A-Arms and Rear Radius Rods – $500
Full Lift-Kit – $2,000

PATV Contingency Program Eligibility Requirements

Drivers must fill out contingency paperwork at the time of registration at every event they compete in with qualifying product.

Qualifying product must be fitted to your machine during your runs.

Racers may enter contingency program with qualifying product at any time during the season, but once a qualifying product is fitted to your machine and run during an event, you will only remain eligible for contingency payouts if you run the remainder of the SBS season with the qualifying product fitted on your machine during events you attend.

Drivers must provide a picture of their machine during the 2023 SBS season fitted with the qualifying product for promotional purposes prior to receiving their award.

All drivers who are entered in the program must display a PATV logo on their machine that is visible before the start of your first run.

All qualifying products must be purchased new from PATV with the name on the receipt matching the name of the driver entered in the contingency program.